Sunday, August 26, 2007

Check in time

Well, I can't say I have been my best this week. I slipped a few times
but I jumped back on the wagon and as a result, I lost a whole pound.
Yahoo! I'm just sailing. You know if I could get my head in gear as well
as my mouth, I bet I would be shocked at what that scale could read. But
I am not complaining about the weight I have lost this month. Even if it
is slow and easy, it is coming off. So I have to pat myself on the back.
And all you other gals out there, you do the same and give credit where
credit is due.
Although as of today, I will not post another loss for a month. I like the
sound of bigger numbers. And it is a challenge for myself too. So I will
keep posting over the month, so that you know I am still around but the reveal
won't be until the end of September. Have a great day everyone.

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