Monday, August 13, 2007

It's going down!

Well, I missed my weigh-in yesterday, because I was busy doing a card
challenge on Scrap But I'm here today and it is worth it.
I am down another 2-1/2 lbs to make my total now at 10 pounds.
Woohoo! It's slow and steady but it isn't a race, it's my life we are talking
about. Now if I could only get someone close to me to realise the same
thing, Iwould love to see it happen. But you have to climb your own
mountain and strength comes from within. I can only hold her hand.
But back to me, because this time it is about me and I'm grabbing hold of
the brass ring - it is onward and upward. I hope all of you are having a
fantastic journey too.

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