Sunday, August 26, 2007

Check in time

Well, I can't say I have been my best this week. I slipped a few times
but I jumped back on the wagon and as a result, I lost a whole pound.
Yahoo! I'm just sailing. You know if I could get my head in gear as well
as my mouth, I bet I would be shocked at what that scale could read. But
I am not complaining about the weight I have lost this month. Even if it
is slow and easy, it is coming off. So I have to pat myself on the back.
And all you other gals out there, you do the same and give credit where
credit is due.
Although as of today, I will not post another loss for a month. I like the
sound of bigger numbers. And it is a challenge for myself too. So I will
keep posting over the month, so that you know I am still around but the reveal
won't be until the end of September. Have a great day everyone.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Keeping on track

I am trying hard to stay on track, but being a caregiver and worrying about
aging parents takes more out of you than you think. Their needs take over
your own and it ends up in missed meals, quick bites. All the things that
do not work for a weight loss plan. But yesterday, I got my exercise taking
my grandchildren to the park. You try to keep an eye on them and hope you can
sit down for a minute, but the moment you do they have other ideas and want to
play on the furthest piece of equipment from your seat. So you trudge all over
the playground until the wall appears. At that point you stop dead in your
tracks and yell, "Halt!" Last chance on your favourite thing and head to the
van. It's time to go now". - because my legs are wobbling at this point.
This morning my daughter, who started on Weight Watchers this week, gave me
breakfast. Yogurt, bananas and a spoonful of granola. Not bad. It fills me
up. I think I'll have a veggie with cheese melt for lunch and a cracker for my
carbs. Supper will be some chicken and veggies, with a mixed fruit compote for
dessert. And that's how I plan to spend my day. It's bright and sunny and a
good feeling day. Hope your day is the same.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I need a boot!

Well, my week has been lacking motivation. I gained my one pound back
that I lost last week. And I think most of that was because I didn't
get all my water down. I notice a big difference when I stay on track
with the water bag. So I vow to get back in the groove tomorrow and get
that level up again. I did try to take the dog for a walk this week but
because I have hills all around me, they did not do any favours for my
arthritic knees and so It takes days to get over the shock of it and they
are very painful. So I think I will get on the treadmill inside for a while
before I attempt climbing my little mountains outside.

The media plays up the tiny waiflike models as perfection, which I don't
subscribe to. A healthy body is what I need. But even when I was younger
and growing up there was always the distinction of being "slight" vs.being
a big boned girl. Which in my case meant that I grew to 5'7" by the time I
was 12. Today, no one thinks anything of it, but back in the 50's (yes I said
50's) I was extremely tall for a girl and towered over my peers. I was compared
to a relative constantly, who was waiflike by nature, and made to feel "BIG -
LARGED BONED - TALL" - a freak. So I grew up hating my stature and feeling very
self conscious about being tall. After all I stood out in the crowd. But I didn't
start putting on weight until after I got married. Pound by pound, I went to round.
I got pregnant with my first child and gained 34 lbs. Not too bad right? But I
never lost it! And each year 5 more lbs came on and I was pregnant a second time,
and again put on baby weight. But we only ever had one baby and I still kept number twos additional pounds. I tried every diet going. I had some success with
them all, reaching 45 lbs on one go, 38 lbs at another and so on and so on. And
adding another 10 lbs to the original weight I regained over time. What a yoyo
syndrome. Well, I have kept this enormous weight on me now for a good 10 years and
as a result-- diabetes, arthritis, and all the other complaints that go with weight.
Now I have grandchildren. My second chance to be a surrogate mother, while my
daughter works. Her surrogate mother was her grandmother, while I worked. But they
can run, especially the 3-1/2 year old who is the monkey of the two. And I can't
keep up! I want to have fun with them on a more physical level, and most importantly, I want this for me. The rest will come as a result of my goals. So I
have my meal plan mapped out, my water bottle in the fridge. And as I said in my title, I need a boot in the rear.
Today, I have resolved the fact that I am tall. In fact, it works to my advantage in
reaching high cupboards or shelves in the market. I need to resolve the weight issue. And by taking one day at a time and not worrying about my weekly weigh-in,
I know I can make it. So from today, I am not going to weigh in until September
23rd. To everyone, keep up the fight and we will get there together.

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's going down!

Well, I missed my weigh-in yesterday, because I was busy doing a card
challenge on Scrap But I'm here today and it is worth it.
I am down another 2-1/2 lbs to make my total now at 10 pounds.
Woohoo! It's slow and steady but it isn't a race, it's my life we are talking
about. Now if I could only get someone close to me to realise the same
thing, Iwould love to see it happen. But you have to climb your own
mountain and strength comes from within. I can only hold her hand.
But back to me, because this time it is about me and I'm grabbing hold of
the brass ring - it is onward and upward. I hope all of you are having a
fantastic journey too.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well, here iit is my second week on the program and I have to say that I have remained the same weight from last week. Which I guess is good news! At least I didn't gain any. But I put it down to lack of exercise this week, as I put my back out and I found myself sitting mostly to avoid the pain of moving around. My chiropractor has helped it a lot on Friday, but it is still sensitive, so another day or two of pampering and I should be back on target for the next round. So how is everyone doing? Have you had a good week and
remained committed to your goals? It is hard isn't it? I fell off the wagon for my husband's birthday dinner,
but it's back on again today. Is anyone else having trouble trying to get all that water into you? I keep on
drinking but I can't make the eight glasses. It is always between five and six a day. What! Do you hold your
nose and guzzle or what? Have a great week everyone and let's see some serious losses next week. Bye for now.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well, since Sunday, I am still mainting my weight loss, however, the heat started going up
out here on the coast, and I could feel my body adding on the water weight. So I started
drinking more water, (doesn't that sound silly) but by the end of the week it should tell the
story whether I went up or down. I have been keeping to my plan, just not on the levels
I am supposed to eat. My appetite has just been off. I have lost interest in eating for some
reason. But I do eat, because I find for me that skipping meals doesn't lead to a weight loss,
in fact I maintain or gain a pound instead. I told you my body is weird. Keep moving onwards
and upwards girls. My granddaughter showed me a picture of myself that she took. Of course,
it is up close, at the wrong angle etc, but oh my goodness, I almost died. So I am taking a copy
of it for my records as my before picture and I will post it one day when I am looking better
with a comparison picture. I may be smiling in the picture but oh my, I have no reason to.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Week 1 - weigh in

Well, the moment has arrived. Even though I slipped once or twice, was I still on
the right track. Here goes, I'm stepping up to the plate! Hm-m-m-m-!
It's moving - d o w n...... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6- 7 and a half pounds!!!!! Yay. Of
course, it is my first week and I know that I can't expect losses like this every week,
but what a nice start, eh? Okay, I let my Canadian-ism show there for a moment.
What can I say, this program works for me. It is all healthy with balanced meals of
protein, veggies, fruit, dairy, seeds for internal cleansing and fixup, water and a
teaspoon of olive oil per day to maintain my fat levels. The oil is not to cook with
though but used over salads or veggies.

For a different veggie dish, I use the oil to lightly coat my portion of vegetables and
use my seeds as a garnish mixed in. It just adds a different dimension and texture
to plain vegetables.