Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well, since Sunday, I am still mainting my weight loss, however, the heat started going up
out here on the coast, and I could feel my body adding on the water weight. So I started
drinking more water, (doesn't that sound silly) but by the end of the week it should tell the
story whether I went up or down. I have been keeping to my plan, just not on the levels
I am supposed to eat. My appetite has just been off. I have lost interest in eating for some
reason. But I do eat, because I find for me that skipping meals doesn't lead to a weight loss,
in fact I maintain or gain a pound instead. I told you my body is weird. Keep moving onwards
and upwards girls. My granddaughter showed me a picture of myself that she took. Of course,
it is up close, at the wrong angle etc, but oh my goodness, I almost died. So I am taking a copy
of it for my records as my before picture and I will post it one day when I am looking better
with a comparison picture. I may be smiling in the picture but oh my, I have no reason to.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Week 1 - weigh in

Well, the moment has arrived. Even though I slipped once or twice, was I still on
the right track. Here goes, I'm stepping up to the plate! Hm-m-m-m-!
It's moving - d o w n...... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6- 7 and a half pounds!!!!! Yay. Of
course, it is my first week and I know that I can't expect losses like this every week,
but what a nice start, eh? Okay, I let my Canadian-ism show there for a moment.
What can I say, this program works for me. It is all healthy with balanced meals of
protein, veggies, fruit, dairy, seeds for internal cleansing and fixup, water and a
teaspoon of olive oil per day to maintain my fat levels. The oil is not to cook with
though but used over salads or veggies.

For a different veggie dish, I use the oil to lightly coat my portion of vegetables and
use my seeds as a garnish mixed in. It just adds a different dimension and texture
to plain vegetables.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I haven't kept up with my blog entries, but I am still trudging along.
Although I haven't kept my written journal, I am following my food
choice sheet from Sure Slim very closely. With the final turn around
called summer out here on the coast, my body is doing what it seems
is protective mode and swelling like a balloon with the new found heat.
So tomorrow's scales might not show my true weight loss for the week,
but I can say that I feel so much better for following my plan. And
that is the most important thing. I still haven't got my water up to its
full eight glasses, but that is coming too. I am trying to talk my husband
into driving up to a local high school to start walking on their track. You
say "drive"? Yah, well these two crocks have arthritis in the knees and
hips, so our hills are torture. So one step at a time, on flat ground to
build up endurance. If he won't walk, I'll get him to at least come with me
for company. My other incentive ---- my 85 year old mother wants to
make one more trip to England to visit her sister and she needs a companion.
My weight and airplanes just don't jive, so a few pounds would make that
trip much more comfortable. I also need to build my stamina for the help she
will need. Have a good weekend everyone. Keep your eye on the bright light.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good day

Well, my first real day on the program wasn't too bad afterall. I kept to my meal plan
and was tempted only once, but I didn't bite. ha.ha.
I started my day with one piece of toast and two scrambled eggs. I usually add mushrooms,
green onions and sometimes tomatoes to it, but not today. Of course, I started my day with
my hot water. Along with my program I add 1 tablespoons of sunflower seeds, 1 tablespoon
of flax seed (ground)and two of pumpkin seeds. These can used on salads, cottage cheese,
yogurt or on your vegetables at a meal. At lunch, I had a veggie melt, which is basically my
cheese portion melted over my cooked vegetables with an apple afterwards. My dinner was
a mixed salad of everything in the fridge with a raspberry vinegrette and I actually put fresh
raspberries in it as well, yummy - with a piece of salmon. In between was my water portion
and two cups of tea.
Now the tip that was given to me at the Sure Slim office, was to space your meals out on a 5 hour plan. Apparently it takes four hours to digest a meal, and during that 5th hour your body is gearing up for more food and is empty. So when you add another meal, your digestive system
is ready for it and uses up everything you give it, rather than it sitting and not moving through
properly. It makes sense to me. So I start my breakfast by 8 am, have lunch at 1 pm, and
supper at 6 pm. This schedule works for me, because I am at home. It takes a few days to
get used to the routine, but you sure enjoy your meals, rather than just continue stuffing your
face all day. And your body thanks you for it. You actually feel better for it. I hope this gives
you food for thought. Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here we go.

How was my day one. Well, I actually did okay, except I did have a hotdog at
Chuck E Cheese, when we took our granddaughters there as a treat. It was
spir of the moment, so I hadn't planned it out. But my breakfast, I had a portioned
amount of oatmeal, with raspberries, and a sprinkle of non-sugared cinammon.
I had my dog and coffee for lunch. At dinner I had a pork chop with fresh cooked
vegetables and tea. And I had a snack of an apple before 8 pm.
I am actually following a plan made for me at Sure Slim, which they gave me after
an extensive blood workup. It pinpoints the areas I should avoid and what I should
eat to maintain a healthy level. I lost 30 lbs or so last fall, but fell off the wagon after
my dad's passing and gained back 5 lbs. So I know that if I stick to this plan the weight
will come off. I didn't make my six glasses of water, but today is another day and it is
on the agenda again. I start my day with two cups of hot water, which is supposed to
cleanse your system and also get your body in gear for the day. Isn't that an exciting
thought? I took my weight yesterday, and will update my highs or lows on the side
chart, on a weekly basis. Each Sunday morning. Have a great day everyone and
remember, each pound lost is a star in your merit book. The reward at the end is a
healthier, sleaker you!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 1

My goals for day one are:
- To drink six glasses of water, eventually graduate to eight.
- To keep a daily food diary
- To start and maintain a weight chart
- To advise Tracy H of my goals.
- To begin with baby steps in the exercise program - beginning
with muscle stretches.
- To keep a positive attitude.
- To be realistic with myself and accept setbacks with successes.
- To know that tomorrow is another day for success.
- To enjoy my commitment, keeping my goal in sight.

First step

Yesterday, I went shopping and brought home all the goodies I need to begin
my journey to becoming a butterfly. At the moment I resemble a rolly polly
caterpillar inching along at a snail's pace. It is time to enter my cocoon and
make my metamorphasis into a butterfly. I have a lot of pudgy to get rid of
and the journey will be long. It started with excess baby weight, mid-life weight,
and post menopausal weight. Well, now, to add insult to injury, I also have to
contend with diabetes and arthritis. Both the aftermath of carrying around this
extra person inside of me. I'm a grandmother, (yay) I'm retired (yay) and inside
I still feel young (yay) but on the outside it ain't pretty! So if I want to turn the
years around so that in truth these years are truly golden, then join me on my
journey to success and total emergence in my goal. The better looking body is only
part of the equation, the result can only be better health and a fresh new me. Yay!