Saturday, July 28, 2007

I haven't kept up with my blog entries, but I am still trudging along.
Although I haven't kept my written journal, I am following my food
choice sheet from Sure Slim very closely. With the final turn around
called summer out here on the coast, my body is doing what it seems
is protective mode and swelling like a balloon with the new found heat.
So tomorrow's scales might not show my true weight loss for the week,
but I can say that I feel so much better for following my plan. And
that is the most important thing. I still haven't got my water up to its
full eight glasses, but that is coming too. I am trying to talk my husband
into driving up to a local high school to start walking on their track. You
say "drive"? Yah, well these two crocks have arthritis in the knees and
hips, so our hills are torture. So one step at a time, on flat ground to
build up endurance. If he won't walk, I'll get him to at least come with me
for company. My other incentive ---- my 85 year old mother wants to
make one more trip to England to visit her sister and she needs a companion.
My weight and airplanes just don't jive, so a few pounds would make that
trip much more comfortable. I also need to build my stamina for the help she
will need. Have a good weekend everyone. Keep your eye on the bright light.

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