Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well, since Sunday, I am still mainting my weight loss, however, the heat started going up
out here on the coast, and I could feel my body adding on the water weight. So I started
drinking more water, (doesn't that sound silly) but by the end of the week it should tell the
story whether I went up or down. I have been keeping to my plan, just not on the levels
I am supposed to eat. My appetite has just been off. I have lost interest in eating for some
reason. But I do eat, because I find for me that skipping meals doesn't lead to a weight loss,
in fact I maintain or gain a pound instead. I told you my body is weird. Keep moving onwards
and upwards girls. My granddaughter showed me a picture of myself that she took. Of course,
it is up close, at the wrong angle etc, but oh my goodness, I almost died. So I am taking a copy
of it for my records as my before picture and I will post it one day when I am looking better
with a comparison picture. I may be smiling in the picture but oh my, I have no reason to.

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