Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good day

Well, my first real day on the program wasn't too bad afterall. I kept to my meal plan
and was tempted only once, but I didn't bite. ha.ha.
I started my day with one piece of toast and two scrambled eggs. I usually add mushrooms,
green onions and sometimes tomatoes to it, but not today. Of course, I started my day with
my hot water. Along with my program I add 1 tablespoons of sunflower seeds, 1 tablespoon
of flax seed (ground)and two of pumpkin seeds. These can used on salads, cottage cheese,
yogurt or on your vegetables at a meal. At lunch, I had a veggie melt, which is basically my
cheese portion melted over my cooked vegetables with an apple afterwards. My dinner was
a mixed salad of everything in the fridge with a raspberry vinegrette and I actually put fresh
raspberries in it as well, yummy - with a piece of salmon. In between was my water portion
and two cups of tea.
Now the tip that was given to me at the Sure Slim office, was to space your meals out on a 5 hour plan. Apparently it takes four hours to digest a meal, and during that 5th hour your body is gearing up for more food and is empty. So when you add another meal, your digestive system
is ready for it and uses up everything you give it, rather than it sitting and not moving through
properly. It makes sense to me. So I start my breakfast by 8 am, have lunch at 1 pm, and
supper at 6 pm. This schedule works for me, because I am at home. It takes a few days to
get used to the routine, but you sure enjoy your meals, rather than just continue stuffing your
face all day. And your body thanks you for it. You actually feel better for it. I hope this gives
you food for thought. Have a great day.

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