Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here we go.

How was my day one. Well, I actually did okay, except I did have a hotdog at
Chuck E Cheese, when we took our granddaughters there as a treat. It was
spir of the moment, so I hadn't planned it out. But my breakfast, I had a portioned
amount of oatmeal, with raspberries, and a sprinkle of non-sugared cinammon.
I had my dog and coffee for lunch. At dinner I had a pork chop with fresh cooked
vegetables and tea. And I had a snack of an apple before 8 pm.
I am actually following a plan made for me at Sure Slim, which they gave me after
an extensive blood workup. It pinpoints the areas I should avoid and what I should
eat to maintain a healthy level. I lost 30 lbs or so last fall, but fell off the wagon after
my dad's passing and gained back 5 lbs. So I know that if I stick to this plan the weight
will come off. I didn't make my six glasses of water, but today is another day and it is
on the agenda again. I start my day with two cups of hot water, which is supposed to
cleanse your system and also get your body in gear for the day. Isn't that an exciting
thought? I took my weight yesterday, and will update my highs or lows on the side
chart, on a weekly basis. Each Sunday morning. Have a great day everyone and
remember, each pound lost is a star in your merit book. The reward at the end is a
healthier, sleaker you!

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