Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well, here iit is my second week on the program and I have to say that I have remained the same weight from last week. Which I guess is good news! At least I didn't gain any. But I put it down to lack of exercise this week, as I put my back out and I found myself sitting mostly to avoid the pain of moving around. My chiropractor has helped it a lot on Friday, but it is still sensitive, so another day or two of pampering and I should be back on target for the next round. So how is everyone doing? Have you had a good week and
remained committed to your goals? It is hard isn't it? I fell off the wagon for my husband's birthday dinner,
but it's back on again today. Is anyone else having trouble trying to get all that water into you? I keep on
drinking but I can't make the eight glasses. It is always between five and six a day. What! Do you hold your
nose and guzzle or what? Have a great week everyone and let's see some serious losses next week. Bye for now.

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