Friday, August 24, 2007

Keeping on track

I am trying hard to stay on track, but being a caregiver and worrying about
aging parents takes more out of you than you think. Their needs take over
your own and it ends up in missed meals, quick bites. All the things that
do not work for a weight loss plan. But yesterday, I got my exercise taking
my grandchildren to the park. You try to keep an eye on them and hope you can
sit down for a minute, but the moment you do they have other ideas and want to
play on the furthest piece of equipment from your seat. So you trudge all over
the playground until the wall appears. At that point you stop dead in your
tracks and yell, "Halt!" Last chance on your favourite thing and head to the
van. It's time to go now". - because my legs are wobbling at this point.
This morning my daughter, who started on Weight Watchers this week, gave me
breakfast. Yogurt, bananas and a spoonful of granola. Not bad. It fills me
up. I think I'll have a veggie with cheese melt for lunch and a cracker for my
carbs. Supper will be some chicken and veggies, with a mixed fruit compote for
dessert. And that's how I plan to spend my day. It's bright and sunny and a
good feeling day. Hope your day is the same.

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Chele said...

Hi Norma J :) Just browsing this afternoon and ran upon your blog. Too cute! I'll have to come back to see how you did! - I'm cutting out all sweets this month. Wish me luck, and Good Luck to you!